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LA VOCE ORFICA ("Orfeo's Voice" in Italian) is a vocal ensemble founded in 1987 by Yoshimichi Hamada and those who sympathise with his musical ideas. 
It intends the realisation of proper  perfomance style of medieval, renessance and baroque music.  It plans to release its first CD in 2005 with "Monteverdi / Vespro della Beata Virgine".
La voce orfica in ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL

ANTHONELLO  makes much of "the spirit of the period " of early music and makes clear the essential charm of music which is endowed with much animation and liveliness (that is, "spontaneity" in the jazz world). 
Their stages and recordings are full of improvisation which early music must have had, regardless the "traditional playing style" of early music that is tied to the conservative viewpoints of the 20th century's classical music. 
The target of Anthonello's performance is a "open-hearted" early music; and for the purpose, they obtain hints from ethnic music of various countries and contemporary popular music.

Anthonello's recordings to date have continuously highly regarded in such domestic media as the "Asahi Newspapers' New Release Corner" and the musical critic magazine "Record Geijutsu". 
Anthonello also attract atentions of overseas's eyes and all the CDs released  from Symphonia Level (Italy )and from BIS Level (Sweden),  have won the Five Stars of "Diapason" of France. 
Anthonello is loud in  other Europian music critics, winning such prizes as the Recommendation Disk  (France, "Repertoire" ) and the Most Greatly Recommended Album" (Italy "Musica"),
 - "Their performing style will be a "mode" from now on"
 (France "Recommande)
- "New wave of early music performance from Japan"
 (France "Diapason")
Yoshimichi HAMADA studied the recorder with Kazuo Hanaoka at the Toho Gakuen University. 
After graduating he won a scholarship from the Swiss government and entered the Scola Cantorum Basiliensis to study the cornetto under Bruce Dickey, the medieval music theory and ensemble under Crowford Young and Dominique Verart. 
In Europe, he collaborates in concerts and recordings with leading groups and musicians such as the Concerto Palatino, Ensemble La Fenice, Ensemble PAN, Rene Jacobs, Enrico Gatti and Kees Boeke. 
In Japan, he is much in demand as a soloist and recording artist and has participated in the soundtrack of movies "Rikyu", Hayao Miyazaki's animation such as "Princess Mononoke", and NHK's historical drama "Nobunaga" and "Hideyoshi", to make known the instruments used in early music. 
He is a member of the Historic Brass Society in America, musical director of the vocal group "La Voce Orfica" and leader of Anthonello.

The 20th Memorial Concert of La Voce Orfica